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  • Carnaval de Sucá
  • Yom Kipur @ Wyndham HotelFriday Sep. 29th and Saturday Sep. 30th Click here to make room reservation
  • Jaguim 101 Course Un curso de 6 sesiones donde responderás el POR QUE de lo que siempre te preguntaste acerca de los jaguim

    Todos los Lunes del 4/9 - 2/10 (Excepto Jueves 7)

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  • Hebrew Day School
  • Campamento Gan Israel 2017 Mira las fotos de este año
  • What Is the Significance of a Rainbow in Judaism?It is a beautiful and colorful aspect of G‑d’s world, but it’s also a reminder of tragedy. We are... Read More
  • Judaism and the WorldAn Introduction to Judaism for Non-Jews Read More
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How one-quarter can make a whole Jew
Long before the ancient Greeks, the Bible recorded that the dove brought an olive branch to the ark.
It is a beautiful and colorful aspect of G‑d’s world, but it’s also a reminder of tragedy. We are taught not to stare at it, but we do make a special blessing when it appears in the sky. Let’s see what the Torah has to say about the rainbow.
Is there a window of compassion and understanding that I haven’t opened? Can I see past my gut-instinct judgmentalism and allow myself to experience some of their light?
After the Great Flood, man had again begun to multiply and fill the earth. They all spoke one language and understood one another well. Then things went wrong…
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Daily Thought
Trust transcends hope, as the sky above transcends the earth below. A thread of hope is an anchor to the ground, a narrow path you’ve set for destiny to lead you. The thread snaps and your eyes look up to see nothing more than the open sky. Hope is gone. All you can do now is trust the One who has no bounds. That is Trust: When...
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