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  • Complete Guide for HanukkahCick Here When to light, the schedules, histories, etc.
  • Chanukkah FestivalAnual Chanukkah Festival

    You can't miss it!
    Click here for more info
  • Jewish Women's CircleLearn how to use essential oils in your daily life, its different uses, benefits and how to balance emotions, Make your own herbal infused olive oil & learn the spiritual meaning behind oils in prepration for Chanukah! For more info click here
  • Car Menorah ParadeJoin us to make the worldwide famous "Car Menorah Parade". For the first time in Costa Rica.

    Saturday, December 15th. 7.30 p.m. Starting Spot: In front of Walmart in Escazú Village
  • Menorah for you car!If you will like to buy a Menorah for your car call: 506 4010 1515

    ...and with your Menorah join the “Menorah Parade”

    starting point: Escazú Village - North West Corner
  • Tourist InformationAll the info you need!
  • Why Don’t Jews Write ‘This Book Belongs to…’? Read More
  • The Hidden Message of Chanukah Why the Talmudic sages chose to omit the miraculous military victory from the Chanukah... Read More
  • Chanukah Croutons: Seasonal Soup Toppers Read More
  • How the Gulag Judge Lit the MenorahAs the Siberian winter deepened, Chanukah came, and a group
    of young Jewish prisoners convened for...
    Read More
  • Chanukah in July 1979During the first summer of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Chief Rabbi of Mexico Abraham Hershberg was... Read More
Bat Mitvzah Club

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